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Acer Envirionmental, LLC. specializes in restoration of benthic organisms in existing and restored streams.  We also conduct  jurisdictional area delineations for wetlands and streams, environmental permitting, mitigation design, protected species surveys, ecosystem design, Section 401 & 404 Clean Water Act consulting and permitting, Section 7 and 9 for Endangered Species Act consultations and expert witness work.


  • An Aquatic Habitat Restoration Product
  • Recreates and holds leaf pack habitat.
  • Recreates Woody Debris Habitat
  • Growth medium for Benthic Macroinvertebrates, Fungi and Bacteria.
  • Provides habitat that can be used to relocate organisms
  • Provides micro-habitat.
  • Used for the relocation of Benthic Macroinvertebrates.
  • Can provide ecologicall lift.
  • A platform for oyster reef restoration.
  • Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Restoration Platform (used to restore in place or relocate to a restoration area).
  • Natural Product
  • Environmentaly Friendly


  • An aquatic habitat platform.
  • Creates habitat for aquatic organisms.
  • Recreates woody riffles.
  • Creates places for Benthic Macroinvertebrates to nest and hang on during high flows.
  • Traps leaves & small sticks (i.e., useable organics) for organisms that can be used for food.
  • Can be placed on the bottom or floated to support organisms.
  • Provides additional habitat types when combined with HabiTubes.
  • Used to cheaply simulate root-wad habitat.
  • Uses wood less than 5 inches in diameter.
  • Adds woody habitat to streams in a cost effective way.
  • Can be floated horizontally or vertically and intertwined with wood to create habitat for fish.

Environmental Services

Environmental Permitting

Acer's staff has worked on numerous and complex permits that have included individual permits and nationwide permits to the ACOE and state permits.


Acer's staff has worked on mitigation banks for wetlands & streams, protected species and water quality.  They have also worked on permittee responsible mitigation as well.

Threatened & Endangered

Acer's staff has conducted numerous surveys for threatened & endangered species, consultations with USFWS and state personnel, impact analysis and mitigation plans.

Wetland & Stream Delineations

Acer's staff has worked on delineations to determine the boundary of wetland systems and the extent of various stream types.

Phase I ESA

Acer's staff has worked on numerous Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.

Benthic Restoration

Acer's staff has worked on numerous projects to restore benthic macroinvertebrate populations by enhancing habitat or relocating organisms to 'kick start' a population.

Proprietary Products

Oyster Platform

Acer has developed techniques to restore oyster reefs on unconsolidated bottoms with a lift system and HabiTubes filled with oyster shell or rock to minimize and hold oysters.

Fish Habitat

Acer has developed fish habitat that can be placed in flowing streams or floated in lakes.  This habitat can hold woody material and fiberous materials that provide habitat for insects and small fish.

Fish Food

Acer has developed a proprietary fish food that takes thirty (30) days to dissolve in running water.  The food can be made with fish food or other materials for targeted fish species.

Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

Acer is utilizing HabiTubes to grow Submerged Aquatic Vegetation.  Which can be used as an aid to grow in situ or can be used to grow plants in another location and transplanted into another location (similar to sod).

Substrate Sieve

Acer has developed techniques to grow benthic macroinvertebrates that grow in the bottom of streams.  The sieves are buried into the bottom of stream with current materials and later relocated to streams as part of a 'seeding' project.

Oyster Bags

Acer has developed techniques with HabiTubes to provide habitat for oyster to establish in situ or relocate to another location.  The HabiTubes can be used as wraps on rocks or post or on slopes to establish oysters. 


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